I applaud you! Because I need to leave tumblrnbut I cannot because I am way too addicted to news. Where will you read news about YG fam and Epik High? I ought to leave this place asnwell, you're an inspiration in returning to real life! Only the best for you, mate!

Lol. I’ll still keep up with epik high and when in want to know something I’ll just ask yghigh to tell me cause we talk pretty regularly outside of tumblr. But yes. I encourage you to do it cause there is so much life outside of tumblr

Actually frick that, don't come back. I'm sorry stay far away. Don't come back except for comeback. Let that weight drop on someone else's toe. I love you still but don't visit us breathe in that fresh air because I'm so happy for you... (previous anon)

Lol. That’s the plan. I’ll just be back for the comeback. I promise. Haha. I’m doing an overnight at work right now and it’s currently 5am and you completely made my day already anon with both of your message. So thank you love.

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This is a probably the worst thing that's happened to me since I've been on tumblr. I really like you, I've been with you for over 6 months. Maybe even a year now..? I just want you to know whatever it is, as you can see we all support you! Please come back on to 'visit' us. I love you btw hehe sorry I was a silent blogger before... But I really like you

I said I wasn’t going to answer anon messages. But this was really sweet
Thank you. Silent bloggers are the ones that send such nice messages. I don’t know who you are but I love you too anon.

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Wait you're leaving? D: This is the biggest heartbreak in my tumblr history. You're so talented and amazing, I really hope you get everything you want. As a college student I know what you mean about just needing to move on, but I'm seriously gonna miss you ;____;

yes, i’m sorry. I’ll be back for a short while when epik high has their comeback then i’m going to leave for good, but until then i will be gone. thank you so much. it means a lot for you to say this.

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Just know that I really really love ur tumblr, you inspire me! I will miss u <3 thank you for everything you've done, was really lovely and beautiful. hope u come back soon, take care and good luck <33

i inspire you? what?? that can’t be, but seriously thank you. you take care as well

are you going to still open your blog or close it down completely??? i really like your blog :( i'm sad you're going but i guess if it's what you want then i think it's for the best that you leave tumblr. good luck!

i’m not going to delete my blog. i’ll keep it open. i want to be able to come back to if. i’m sorry you’re sad but i’ll be back briefly for eh’s comeback..yay!

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Thank you for everything you've done! I love you for all the edits you have done. Take care!

thank you. i love you all for loving my edits lol.

don't communicate often, but your edits and blog itself was (and still is) really good; please don't loose that talent!.. i also hope you do well~

thank you. i plan on using it for a career..hopefully *Crosses fingers*^^

you sound so bored and ungrateful when people send these sweet goodbye messages, you just reply with a 'thanks' wow

um. wtf. i guess you didn’t see my goodbye post. but whatever. i’m leaving i don’t have to deal with this anymore