OMG Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you enjoy every minute of your celebrating! <3 How exciting!

THANK YOU! I’ll try not to let work disrupt the fun lol!

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Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.

Talk about the best birthday you’ve had.

5:Talk about the best birthday you've had.

Talk about the best birthday you’ve had.
Well it’s funny that you asked this one because it’ll be my birthday in less than 30 minutes. lol. I’m turning 21, so hopefully this will be the best one I’ve had. I have to work overnight tomorrow but I don’t really mind because on Wednesday I’m going out with my siblings and some close friends. And since I can LEGALLY get into bars and I’m the last one in my family to turn 21 we’re going all out. Hopefully it’s going to a ton of fun and totally worth the 21 years of waiting. My parent’s can’t know about this so shhhhhh. As far as they know we are all good kids that don’t drink and party And then next weekend I’m going out with a bunch of friends are are currently away at college and can’t make it for my actual birthday. And the weekend after that I’m going to Maryland because there are a ton of people in my family with September birthdays so we’re going to do one big celebration at my sister’s house. 

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Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
Well my favorite movie is Lord of The Rings and I remember going to the movies with my whole family to watch it. My aunt and uncle and two cousins were in town and I remember sitting next to my uncle in the theater. I was mesmerized by all the action and fighting and how hot frodo and legolas was. We went at night so I remember it being really dark when it was over and we just had so much fun together. 

Talk about the thing you’re most proud of.
I don’t really have anything I’m proud of. I’m proud of my Epik High collection I guess. I own all of their albums but I spent so much money on it lol. 

Talk about the little things on your body you like the most. 
I guess the thing I like the most is my long eyelashes. Everyone always complements and tells me how jealous of them they are. When I wear my glasses they always brush against my lenses. Umm. And my eyes are a nice shade of brown? People also tell me I have pretty and dark eyes. That’s really all I have. It’s easier to talk about all the things I hate the most. 

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Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
The only one I can really think about is this certain song that I can’t really listen to anymore called Carried To The Table by Leeland. It reminds me of my best friend that when I was a senior year in high school. My other best friend at the time, and also best friends with my friend that passed, sang it at her funeral and it reminds me so much of her. We were really close and tight knit as friends so it hurts a bit to listen to. But I’m able to talk about it know so that’s good. 

Talk about things you wish you had known earlier.
I wish I had known what kpop would do to my life. I wish I would have known how my ex actually felt about me because it would have saved me a whole lot of sadness and anger.

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Talk about what you do when you are sad.
Well most of the time I play sad music like Airbag, or some Barcelona music or I’ll watch a sad movie…or my guilty pleasure chick-flicks. sometimes i’ll use it for inspiration to create edits. most of the time I just cry and tell my best friend everything.

Flunked my math test... Just feeling numb. I've been doing badly for my tests recently. The thing is results never really bothered me but now, its starting to. Is it because I have always done relatively well? I hate this feeling so much. Sorry..

oh it’s okay. test are really stressful in general and math is an unforgiving subject. try not to stress over it too much, you can always do better on the next test. :)