Hey, can you please tell what are the b&w PSDs that you use in your gifs/edits ?

I don’t really use anything specifically. i try to make my own, but sometimes I see something on my dash and i try to imitate it. like for the eye, nose, lips edit i recently made i tried copying this [link] and when i make the text edit gifs I just take screenshots of my desktop since i have a mac. everything is really just a bunch of film grain. if there is a specific edit you are talking about let me know and i’ll see if i can find what i used to make it.

I'm so glad to see you on my dash right now. I have a question and I think you're the best person who can answer it. so help me, please. I want to leave this blog. It's making me feel terrible. But I love it too much to delete. what should I do? how were you when you left?

i know what you mean. this website is like a drug. you know i tried to leave but i kept blogging on sushiboat and whenever i would see something new about tablo i had to force myself not to make an edit, or comment about it. i love tabloworld and all of you guys too much to delete too. in all honestly i felt like i was letting all off my followers down even though you all could careless about my blog. 
my advice would be to try take it slowly. log out. and try to leave for a day, then 3 days, then a week. and eventually..maybe you’ll be able to go a long while without blogging. try filling the time you spend on here doing something else, like reading, or focusing on whatever hobby you may have. and you won’t be so addicted to it and eventually it’ll be a hassle to even log on. 
i wish you all the luck in the future and i hope you are one of the few that is able to escape!!

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it really makes me happy to see you on my dash

really? cause i feel like i’ve overstayed my welcome….
but thank you so much. it really means a lot!

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Love is a sickness can I get a wittness???

Love is so bad!

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Black :)

Black: 1 fact about the person I like.

He’s 21

white :)

White: 3 facts about my personality

I’m kinda sad all the time
But I don’t show it
I keep a smile on my face :)

thanks for the distraction guys. you’re all the best